A Better Bitopia

Here are some ways to help you earn Crypto and a nice way to give back if you can. To get a better understanding of Cryptocurrency I recommend reading The Bitcoin Standard  by Saifedean Ammous. I will be adding more books, movies, TV shows, and podcasts that I recommend for your health, wealth, and overall wellbeing. The podcast I am listening to now is the 10% Happier podcast and it is wonderful!

Leave a comment in the section at the bottom on what brought you to the site. Also if you have any ideas for things I should add to the site.


The most simple way to get BTC—surf the Net with the CryptoTab Browser. You just do your everyday needs like watching movies, texting friends, browsing the web, and receive bitcoins at the same time. The built-in mining algorithm makes it possible. Learn more here https://cryptotabbrowser.com/23585173


When you get bored of scrolling through your feed or even before you start scrolling why not play a couple of 30 second mini games to earn some easy Crypto. 


It's not only about the almighty dollar, fresh air is awesome as well. At times you just need some nature to feel everything is going to be okay. With donating here you help plant trees and reduce CO2 emissions.


So this is a great Crypto exchange that will actually pay you to learn about different coins. I have earned over fifty bucks since signing up. Oh and there are tons of sweepstakes to opt in to. 


Well for those of you that want to get paid for your data this app is for you. If you're on social media there is a good chance your data is already being sold. Using this app pays you in Crypto.


This is a fun little game that lets you own and sell properties. A little like monopoly if you know that game. It is never to late to start owning some property! Use the link for a 50% bonus on your first Purchase!


This simple game takes at most 20 minutes to earn your daily Crypto. Can you join the leader board?


Incase you have not heard, Robinhood is a great way to get into the stock market. With this referral link you'll get a free small amount.


Own land everywhere you go that'll earn you passive income. Become Mayor, Governor, or President to earn even more every time someone buys a passport stamp while visiting.

Here are the top Crypto Faucets I use on a daily basis for maximum rewards use my referral like and collect daily.

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